CUNY CAT Research Grant

Grant Program Objectives

The City University of New York Center for Advanced Technology in Photonics Applications (CUNY CAT) announces the CUNY CAT-Industry Collaborative Research Grants Program. This Program encourages CUNY faculty to work with “for-profit” New York State (NYS) companies to solve production, applied research and development, and technical problems. The CUNY CAT in Photonics Applications is supported by the New York State Foundation for Science, Technology & Innovation (NYSTAR) and, therefore, the proposal requirements reflect NYSTAR’s mission.

The CUNYCAT seeks to enhance and broaden participation of CUNY faculty researchers in research projects with small and large NYS companies by requesting proposals for collaborative research with NYS companies where photonics is the enabling technology.

The New York State Foundation for Science, Technology & Innovation (NYSTAR)

NYSTAR supports technology development, innovation and commercialization leading to economic growth in NYS. Its mission is to make New York a national leader in academic research and development and to use this academic research as the engine fostering economic growth and opportunity.

NYSTAR established 18 Centers of Advanced Technology (CATs) to enhance the economic competitiveness of companies within NYS. The CATs encourage cooperative research projects between universities and industry that create new products and jobs and/or reduce costs and increase productivity. Therefore, identifying, measuring, and reporting the quantifiable economic impact of these projects in NYS is an important part of CAT programs.

CUNY CAT in Photonics Applications

The CUNY Center for Advanced Technology in Photonic Applications (CUNYCAT) focuses on photonics in its most general applications. Photonics is the study of light, including its generation, propagation, and interaction with matter and as an enabling technology. Photonics covers a huge, virtually unlimited range of potential science and technology applications, including chemical synthesis and sensing, medical diagnostics and therapy, surgery, vision correction, endoscopy, health monitoring, military technology, visual art, biophotonics, agriculture, robotics, display technology, etc.

The CUNYCAT functions to facilitate the transfer of technology from CUNY to industry, and/or to serve as a technology resource for New York State companies. The main goal is to produce commercially viable products in many technological areas including medical/biological, industrial, and military sectors to promote NYS economic development. To learn more about CUNYCAT research and technologies see

All proposals must detail the collaboration with a “for-profit” NYS company

CUNY CAT-Industry Collaborative Research Grant 2008 Guidelines <doc>


CUNY CAT-Industry Collaborative Research Grant 2008 Application Forms <doc>