Travel Funds Program

On occasion it is important for faculty to travel to funding agencies, especially federal agencies, to discuss specific RFPs or RFAs. There are also occasions when faculty members are invited to such funding agencies to discuss their individual proposals. The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research has limited funds that can be made available to assist with travel etc. for such specific occasions.

Guidelines for Application

  • Travel funds may be reimbursed only for travel to funding agencies.
  • Funds are to be be used exclusively for travel and hotel costs (meals, cab fares are excluded)
  • Applicants must apply for reimbursement prior to travel with the form below. These funds are only for reimbursement after travel is completed, and cannot be forwarded.
  • If the request is approved, the form will be returned to the applicant, along with a Travel Voucher form.
  • Once travel is completed, applicant must fill out and sign the Travel Voucher form, attach all receipts and supporting documentation (conference program, e.g.), and submit to the Office of University Research:

Dr. Gillian Small
Vice Chancellor for Research
City University of New York
205 East 42nd Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Attention: Derek Steele

Phone: 646-664-8916