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"Advancing Your Academic Career: How to Get the Job You Want"

November 8th, 2006
CUNY Graduate Center
The first CUNY Postdoctoral Development Program Workshop was designed to enhance the career advancement skills, such as C.V. writing and interviewing techniques, as well as to provide a cross-campus networking opportunity for postdoctoral fellows. Over 40 participants attended the event, mostly from scientific disciplines with the largest crowd from chemistry and biology departments, but included postdoctoral fellows from Economics, Political Science as well as English, French and Psychology.

The workshop was led by the Gender Equity Project at Hunter College, directed by Virginia Valian, Ph.D. and coordinated by Annmarie Nicols-Grigenko, Ph.D.  Lectures were punctuated by small-group discussions and assignments. One such group assignment asked partcipants to lay out all steps involved in preparing for an on-campus job-talk, from learning about the institution and search committee members to selecting appropriate attire. A networking opportunity with light food and refreshments concluded the workshop. The workshop received an overwhelmingly positive evaluation by the participants. Plans for a future workshop that focus on career options outside of academia are currently underway.

"Alternatives to Academic Careers"

February 26th, 2007
CUNY Graduate Center
The Postdoc Program presented a workshop featuring distinguished speakers who have established careers in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological Industries and in Patent Law. Click here to view slides »

Panelists included:

Neil Stahl, Ph.D. (Sr VP of Preclinical Development & Biomolecular Science for Regeneron Pharmaceuticals)

Anne Gurnett, Ph.D. (consultant for the Tuberculosis Alliance)

Nada Jain, Ph.D., J.D. (patent attorney - biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, food industry, and agriculture)

"Preparing for the Interview" and "Negotiating Your Startup Package"

October 31, 2008
CUNY Graduate Center
The CUNY Postdoc Program presented the first workshop and networking event of the academic year.

Topics included:

Preparing for Interviews
Job Presentations
Teaching Statements
Research Statements

Negotiating Startup Package
What can you live without
What NOT to forget!

Dual Career Placements
Resources for the two-body problem

Panelists included:

  • Robin Bell, Ph.D. (Director, ADVANCE Program at the Earth Institute, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University)
  • Paola Bellosta, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Biology, City College of New York)
  • Vinod Menon, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Physics, Queens College)
  • Shirley Raps, Ph.D. (Professor and Chair, Biology, Hunter College)
  • Shireen Saleque, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Biology, City College)
  • Brian Schwartz, Ph.D. (Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs, Grad Center)

" Introduction to Sponsored Programs "

On April 15, 2010, the Postdoc Development Program hosted a career development workshop that focused on sponsored research and included an "Introduction to Sponsored Programs" presented by Stephanie Endy, Director of Office of Research & Sponsored Programs, Lehman College, and discussions on finding funding resources online, constructing a research proposal budget, and CUNY-specific guidelines for postdoctoral submission of grant proposals.  Other panelists included Robert Buckley (Director of Research Administration, Hunter College), Dominic Esposito (Assistant Director of OSRP, Lehman College), and Laurence Frabotta (Director of Special Research Programs, CUNY).

CVs and Résumés: Essential Job Search Documents "

Lori Conlan buttonOn Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Lori Conlan, PhD, Director, Office of Postdoctoral Services, Office of Intramural Training and Education at the National Institutes of Health, presented a clinic on CVs and résumés as critical tools for the job search.



On November 3, 2010, Dr. Lori Conlan, Director, OPS, OITE, NIH, also presented "Furthering your Science Career at the NIH" at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

The NIH Intramural program has a wealth of programs that undergraduates can use as they begin their careers in science and medicine. Come and learn about summer programs, programs for after graduation, the NIH Academy, and the Undergraduate Scholars Program.

" Competency-Based Career Development "

Keith Micoli buttonA Postdoctoral Career Development Workshop was held on Thursday, May 12, 2011 at the CUNY Graduate Center. 

Dr. Keith Micoli, Advisory Council of the National Postdoctoral Association and Manager of the Postdoctoral Program at NYU School of Medicine, presented " Hope is Not a Plan: Competency-Based Career Development "


WomenInScience_logo.jpg Thursday, September 22, 2011, 3-6 pm
Segal Theatre
CUNY Graduate Center





On September 22, 2011, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research presented Women in Science: Negotiating a Successful Academic Career, a workshop aimed towards senior doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, and junior faculty.

"For every dollar earned by a man in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) a woman earns 14% less." (US Dept of Commerce).  Research suggests that women are less likely to initiate negotiation than men and this may account for some of the differential in salaries and other areas (eg, start-up packages).  These issues along with potential corrective strategies were discussed.

Maribel Vazquez buttonKeynote Speaker: Maribel Vazquez, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at City College discussed negotiation through her academic journey in “Micro and Nanotechnology to Study Cell Migration in the Brain 




Dr. Vazquez's presentation was followed by a panel discussion moderated by Vice Chancellor Gillian Small,"Perspectives on the Negotiating Process"  and the panel included:

  • Dongming Cai, CUNY doctoral alumna and Assistant Professor of Neurology, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine;
  • Pam Silverblatt, CUNY Vice Chancellor for Labor Relations;
  • Mary (Molly) Kern, Associate Professor of Management and Program Coordinator, PhD Program in Business, Baruch College
  • Ruth Stark, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Acting Dean of Science, City College