C-SURP 2013

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CSURP Participants

Faculty Mentors

Felix Alcantara
Borough of Manhattan C.C. 

Anu Janakiraman
Biology, CCNY

Stacy Chan
Kingsborough C.C.

Jeffery Halperin
Psychology, Queens

Wooyoung Cho
Queens College

Mandë Holford
Chemical Biology, Hunter

Lucy Chou Zheng
Queens College

Ronnie Ghose
Chemistry, CCNY

Pierre Desir
City College of New York 

Raymond Tu
Engineering, CCNY

Andrew Fitzgerald
City College of New York 

Michael Grossberg
Computer Science, CCNY

Daniel Hart
Hunter College 

Charles Michael Drain
Chemistry, Hunter

Christine Hirt
Hunter College 

Kyle McDonald
Earth and Atmospheric Sci., CCNY

Hannah Hong
Queens College 

Diego Loayza
Biological Sciences, Hunter

Elizabeth Krawczun
College of Staten Island 

Heidi Jones
Public Health, Hunter

Angelo Laine
City College of New York 

Jill Bargonetti
Biology, Hunter

Monica Malviya
Stony Brook University 

Daniel Weinstein
Biology, Queens

Albino Marsetti
New York City College of Technology

Jorge Gonzalez Cruz
 Mechanical Engineering, CCNY

Diana Merkel
Baruch College 

Hershey Friedman
Finance & Business Mgmt, Brooklyn

Ahmad Nafees
LaGuardia C.C.

Alicia Meledez
Biology, Queens

Jonathan Rosen
City College of New York 

William Solecki
Geography, Hunter

Anastasiia Sergiienko
Hunter College 

Steve Greenbaum
Physics & Astronomy, Hunter

Joseph Szydlo
Queens College 

Josh Brumberg
Psychology, Queens

Baruch Tapanpour
City College of New York 

Vinod Menon
Physics, Queens

Susan Turner
Queens College 

Carolyn Pytte
Psychology, Queens







Thursdays, 2:00 PM
Macaulay Honors College
35 West 67th St.
New York, NY

Monday, June 3

Orientation breakfast & first day in labs

Thursday, June 6

Dr. Gillian Small , Vice Chancellor for Research, CUNY  
Dr. Avrom Caplan , Associate Dean for Research, CUNY

Dr. Eric Viera, Director of Special Research Programs, CUNY 
Networking to Career Success

Dr. Mandë Holford , Assistant Professor of Chemical Biology, Hunter College
Lessons from snails that eat fish

Thursday, June 13

Group trip to the Bronx Zoo 

Thursday, June 20

Dr. Laurel Eckhardt , Professor of Biology, Hunter College
Graduate School Seminar

Dr. John Blaho , Director of Industrial-Academic Research, CUNY
Career Development Seminar

Thursday, June 27

Dr. Nada Gligorov , Assistant Professor of Medical Education & Assistant Professor of Bioethics, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Responsible Conduct in Research

Dr. Simon Kelly , Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, CCNY
Combining the Principles of Engineering and Psychology to Understand the Brain

Thursday, July 11

Communicating Science Workshop 

Thursday, July 18

Behind-the-scences tour of the  American Museum of Natural History

Thursday, July 25

Dr. Bruce Green, Pfizer Vaccines
Career Development Seminar

Dr. Ofer Tchernichovski , Professor of Psychology, Hunter College 
Vocal Learning in Songbirds and Human Infants

Thursday, August 1 

CUNY CREST Earth Systems Student Research Symposium 
The Great Hall, CCNY 

Thursday, August 8

C-SURP Poster Session
Lower Level, Macaulay Honors College


*On Monday, June 3rd and Thursday, June 6th, events will be held at the CUNY Central Office, located at 205 East 42nd St.