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Gloriana Waters picture Dear Friends and Colleagues:

As Chair of the 2015 CUNY Campaign for Voluntary Charitable Giving, I invite you to join me in supporting your favorite charity. One single action can have a ripple effect that will change lives. That’s the “Power of One, the Strength of Many!”

We all have a story that has inspired us to give back. Perhaps it was a student who overcame significant obstacles to earn a degree; or maybe it was a family member who is faced with a serious illness.

I encourage you to support the organizations that have made a difference in your life through The CUNY Campaign. The money that you and your colleagues donate will come back to benefit you, your loved ones and our community in so many ways. A gift to one of our CUNY College Foundations, for example, can change the life of a student through a scholarship or funding to a campus child development center.

And it’s so easy to give! You can contribute through a payroll deduction, by writing a check or using a credit card. I invite you to visit our website at and learn how you can make a difference by participating in CUNY’s wonderful tradition of giving. On behalf of the City University and all those that The CUNY Campaign helps, thank you.


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Gloriana B. Waters
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Management