CUNY Campaign FAQs

Does The CUNY Campaign save charities money?

Yes. By agencies joining together in The CUNY Campaign, substantial savings occur for all agencies. The costs associated with workplace campaigns are tremendous when incurred on an individual basis. By combining the efforts of all the charities, the cost for one campaign is distributed among over 1,100 agencies, in equal proportion to the money they receive; therefore, no one agency is charged more than they receive. In fact, agencies get a greater return on their investment than in any other fundraising activity. In addition, gifts through payroll deduction give charities a steady stream of income throughout the year. This enables them to plan and implement programs better, and provide more services to the community.

I do not like some of the charities in the CUNY Campaign. Will my gift go to them?

No. Your gift will only go to those charities you designate to receive money. The CUNY Campaign is designed to give donors the ability to say where their money goes. If a donor does not designate their gift, it will be divided among all the organizations participating in the campaign, based on the designations they receive. The code 14205 may also be used to divide your gift equally among all participating agencies.

Who manages the CUNY Campaign?

The CUNY Campaign is managed by EarthShare, a national federation of environmental and conservation charities. EarthShare also manages many workplace fundraising campaigns like The CUNY campaign, such as the campaign for the New York City based federal employees, the campaign for New York City based state employees, and other federal and state campaigns. EarthShare has a strong track record of cost efficiency and fiscal integrity.

Why should I give to The CUNY Campaign when I do not use any of the agencies' services?

A better question is whether you could be using any of the agencies' services. Most people simply do not know how much the over 1,200 organizations have to offer families and individuals. Check the index of agencies for programs that might apply to you now or in the future. You might also recognize one or more agencies that have touched your life in the past, or the life of a family member, friend or co-worker.

I already gave to a Charity, why should I give to The CUNY Campaign?

That's great! Chances are, however, that your favorite organization is listed in The CUNY Campaign brochure. You can continue to give to that group with the ease of payroll deduction. In addition, giving through payroll deduction ensures a steady stream of income for your favorite charity throughout the year. This enables them to plan effectively in meeting the needs of their clients.

Is the administrative cost for the campaign very high?

Under EarthShare's management, the cost of the campaign will be reduced to less than 10%.

How do agencies get to be a part of The CUNY Campaign?

An application process is held for any agency wishing to be part of The CUNY Campaign. This includes agencies that CUNY employees have requested (via the section on their pledge forms) to be invited to apply.

How can I be sure that a contribution to a specific agency is sent there?

Just check the box on the pledge card that states "I would like the designated nonprofit organization(s) to acknowledge my gift" and provide your address. The agency to which you designated money will send you an acknowledgment.

Why should I have money taken out of my paycheck?

Payroll deduction is a painless way of making a significant contribution. Over the course on 26 pay periods, your deduction really adds up. The CUNY campaign also offers the option of a one-time or recurring credit card or e-check gift through the online pledge site.