Who We Are

The CUNY CAT is a New York State designated Center for Advanced Technology.  By making use of state funding and a special reduced 15 percent overhead rate, we are able to offer the corporate community a powerful resource for collaboration in applied research.  We provide:

  • Matching funds for qualified projects
  • Use of CUNY’s research laboratories
  • Availability of millions of dollars in sophisticated instrumentation and high-performance computing facilities
  • Expertise of senior faculty researchers in physics, chemistry, engineering, bio-medical sciences and many other areas of basic and applied research and advanced development
  • Assistance from highly qualified support staff of research associates, post-docs, graduate students and technicians
  • Individualized research and service agreements, including statements of work, budgets, key personnel and deliverables
  • Association with a research university, The City University of New York. CUNY, founded in 1847, is the nation’s largest urban public university and includes 23 institutions, including 11 senior colleges, six community colleges, the Graduate School and University Center and the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education. The University has produced 12 Nobel laureates, and the full-time teaching faculty includes world-renowned experts in virtually every field of human endeavor. With more than 100 nationally recognized research centers, institutes and consortia, CUNY is one of the nation’s major research institutions.

Who We Serve

New York State Industry:  The CUNY CAT serves as a portal into the scientific and engineering resources of The City University of New York. The CAT leadership team has access to University faculty and researchers from all campuses and disciplines. If your company or business is seeking assistance with technical issues or with new technology, one call to the CUNY CAT will begin the process of connecting you with the University people and laboratories best positioned to help you. When this results in an agreement for a company to fund work at the University, the CUNY CAT contributes additional funds to enhance the amount of work that benefits the company. Other benefits to industry include reduced overhead charged to industry-supported projects, proposal assistance to compete for government grants and contracts and training of company personnel in the use of advanced technology.

CUNY Faculty, Researchers and Students: The CUNY CAT supports the CUNY research community through a wide variety of programs and initiatives. These include building relationships between University faculty and industry scientists and engineers, providing matching funds to augment research funding provided by industry and creating an entrepreneurial environment through training and incentives.

The People of New York State: The CUNY CAT promotes the economic development of New York State. By facilitating industry/University collaborations for research, development and technology transfer, our efforts lead to new and retained jobs and capital investment throughout the state.

Intellectual Property Resources

Research and development collaborations with the CUNY CAT can be protected from the start. Initial discussions may be covered by a mutual non-disclosure agreement, and ownership and use of intellectual property developed during a sponsored research and development project will be governed by agreements negotiated with CUNY’s Technology Commercialization Office http://www.cuny.edu/research/ovcr/tco.html.

In addition to our role as a research partner, we have a large portfolio of protected intellectual property available for licensing.