The CUNYCAT serves as a portal into the scientific and engineering resources of The City University of New York.  The CAT leadership team has access to University faculty and researchers from all campuses and disciplines.  If your company or business is seeking assistance with technical issues, or with new technology, one call to the CUNYCAT will begin the process of connecting you with the university people and laboratories best positioned to help you.

Businesses interested in learning more about how the CUNYCAT can promote growth and reduce overhead costs please contact:

Myron Wecker, Ph.D.
Deputy Director

For general information about the CUNY CAT, please contact:

Kerry Murphy
Office Manager

Office Mailing Address:
CUNY Center for Advanced Technology
The City College 
of New York
160 Convent Avenue, 
Steinman Hall T-606

New York, NY 10031

Fax: (212) 650-7760

To contact the Faculty Director:

Prof. David T. Crouse

(212) 650-5330