The Center for Advanced Technology owns and maintains a wide variety of scientific laboratory equipment and high-performance computing facilities available to CAT researchers and corporate partners.

For information about scheduling and usage of CAT facilities, contact:

Eugene Onoichenco

Core Facilities Manager



The CAT lab is located on the photonics floor of CUNY’s new Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC)


The CAT lab has three 8’ x 4’ x 1’ vibration-isolated optical tables.

The principal items of equipment in the CAT lab are:  

Also available are other lasers, light sources, measurement equipment, optics and mechanical hardware to support the research.  

A laboratory support room is available with mechanical tools, enabling users to create faster experimental setups.

The lab is equipped with a fume extraction cabinet, four gas lines- one low vacuum, one compressed air, and two lines of Nitrogen and/or Argon. 

The lab has 14 Windows and Mac computers connected wirelessly to a network that also includes an 11”x 17” printer and a large format - 44” roll printer.



In the ASRC Server room the CAT has a separate rack with our high-performance computing cluster (currently 32 cores) with 128GB RAM, rated at 1.2 GFLOPS.  A 4TB storage server is available.  At present, access to these facilities is available from CAT lab computers or elsewhere within the ASRC.  Remote access via secure internet connection is planned.

 Application software is available for modeling, simulation and analysis, and includes the following:

  • COMSOL Multiphysics – including RF, Heat Transfer and Wave Optics modules
  • CST Studio Suite – offering accurate, efficient computational solutions for electromagnetic design and analysis.
  • LTSpice - a high performance SPICE simulator, schematic capture and waveform viewer
  • PhoenixBV's ASPIC - analysis and design of integrated and hybrid optical circuits without restrictions in dimensions and complexity
  • Zemax – designed to ray-trace light through complex lens paths with very high accuracy and precision


Computing FAQ

Does the CAT provide training for software? – we provide a wiki server which offers the essentials for using our software on a basic level, as well as guides on how to access and use our various systems. We do not currently provide official training, but CAT researchers are available to help you get started.

How do I access these systems? - We are currently in transition to the recently-completed Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) on the south campus of The City College of New York. We cannot yet provide remote access to our systems, but they are fully accessible from anywhere within the building.

To use our systems, please send a request to info@cunycat.org , requesting access to our systems with an explanation of what you are researching, the software you believe you'll need, and your goals. A member of our staff will get back to you and, if your requirements are clear, you can quickly gain access to our systems.

How safe is my data? - Any and all research data is hosted on systems designed to standards of redundancy and reliability which meet or exceed industry-standard cloud-hosting practices, e.g. RAID10, ECC, learning firewalls, etc.

Is it easy to share my data/results with others? - Yes. Our OwnCloud server allows you to share your data with others in an easy & reliable manner.