Collaborating Centers

Since its inception, the CUNY CAT has leveraged industry, state and University funds to secure additional federal funding. These funds extend the research capabilities and services we offer New York State companies.  The CAT has established relationships with two NSF-sponsored Industry/University Collaborative Research Centers (I/UCRC), in which member companies and government agencies choose, and share the costs of, selected basic, pre-competitive research projects.  When a relevant research project is closer to commercialization, a member company may engage with the CAT for further

Center for Metamaterials (CfM)

Metamaterials are patterned composite materials in which light behaves in unusual ways, including negative index of refraction, anomalous light transmission and light channeling and trapping.  Industrial interest in metamaterials is growing as these materials are being used to develop new or higher performing optical and electronics devices,  including energy harvesting, imaging, plasmonic circuits, cloaking materials, biological and chemical sensors, compact optical systems and enhanced RF technologies. CfM is a one-stop shop for the design, fabrication and testing of a wide range of
metamaterials for use in spectral regions ranging from the microwave to optical range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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Sustainably Integrated Buildings and Sites (SIBS)

SIBS’s research focuses on issues associated with the sustainability and resiliency of buildings and sites. Research areas under this theme include building performance analytics, Building Automation Systems, Building Information Modeling, daylighting, water, and materials

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