Technology Transfer

What Is Technology Transfer?
In simplest terms, the CUNY CAT’s technology transfer program is a process by which photonic technology developed by CUNY is transferred to businesses for use in commercial applications.

Technology Transfer and Licensing at the CAT

CAT offers a number of exciting opportunities for business to utilize our technological advances.

What Are the Benefits of Technology Transfer?

  • Stimulates our New York State economy
  • Increases competitiveness within the private sector
  • Promotes innovation and creativity within CUNY
  • Allows New York State companies access to CUNY's vast technical resources

How Does Technology Transfer Work?
There are several ways in which private companies can work with CUNY CAT and reap the many benefits.

  • Licensing of CUNY’s patents and other intellectual property
  • Research agreements
  • Technical consulting

Technology Available for Transfer to Industry
The CUNY CAT has developed many different products and has ongoing work in many areas.