Time-Resolved Terahertz Spectroscopy

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With the advent of generating high power Thz pulses using femtosecond laser sources with nonlinear optical rectification, the “TERAHERTZ” region of electromagnetic spectrum has become an active area of scientific research because of its wide range of applications in biology, medicine, semiconductors, and chemistry.

Terahertz time-resolved spectroscopy (THz-TRS) is a noncontact method yielding important results in solids, liquids and gases. The system can be used to make important measurements of biological materials (DNA, tryptophan, and bacteria), liquids (CS2), and gases (CH3OH, H2O and D2O).
An example of a THz-TRS spectrometer is shown below.

Potential Applications to 29

  • Thz time-resolved spectroscopy of materials
  • Dielectric relaxation properties
  • Thz imaging techniques
  • Remote detection of biological, and chemical agents
  • Pump-probe Thz- fsec spectroscopy to measure relaxation parameters
  • Detection of corrosion and cracks beneath coating of surface.
  • Biological materials and Tissues
  • Communications