Humanities combines three major academic disciplines: history, social studies and language arts. Students build upon their knowledge of social studies concepts and geography to begin a formal study of civilization throughout time. They work with primary and secondary sources to build their reading, writing, interpretation and analysis skills.

Math focuses on pre-algebra, algebra and geometry, including geometric constructions and coordinate graphing. Students learn real-world applications and problem-solving strategies.

Science courses cover living environment, biology, chemistry, physics and forensics. Students apply scientific concepts, principles and theories by utilizing the scientific method while exploring topics such as cell dynamics, the human body and ecology.

Students may take elective classes in a variety of subjects. In the past, we’ve offered fashion club, origami, creative writing, photography and even a student-run Internet radio station.

College Now
After successfully earning their High School Equivalency at CUNY Prep, students may be eligible to take College Now courses, which offer the opportunity to earn college credits while in high school.

At Home In College
At Home in College prepares students to take college entrance exams in writing and math. Students who do well on these exams can pass out of noncredit-bearing remedial classes, which save time and money in college.