Global Studies Workshop

Workshop Background:

We live in a global, complex and interconnected world. Studying global issues both in the classroom, and internationally, provides students with a sophisticated perspective on the world in which they live, study, and work. 

The Global Studies Workshop (GWS) aims to increase CUNY Prep students’ enthusiasm about the very exciting possibilities for international study and lifelong learning that exist when one commits to college success and completion. 

The workshops are grounded in the idea that studying global issues and identifying study abroad programs of interest will instill a strong desire to stay in school and “cross the finish line” to graduation.  Students are often motivated for college success and completion solely for the economic opportunity a diploma provides.  An exciting international study experience that hinges on a student’s success in college will bolster student commitment to college success and completion, while expanding the student’s worldview. 

Students who are successfully meeting College Transition Academy/Phase II Milestones, as well as CUNY Prep Alumni who are successfully engaged in college and meeting Phase III Milestones are eligible for the Global Studies Workshops.

Fri., Oct 14th Global Studies I: Overview of International Studies

Fri., Oct 21st Global Studies II: Language, Culture and Politics

Fri., Oct 28th Global Studies III: Writing Workshop: Global Voices

Fri., Nov 4th Adventures in Queens : Five Pointz and MOMAPS1

Fri., Nov 18th  Visit to Fordham University: Hip Hop Re: Ed Workshop #1  

Fri., Dec 2nd Scratch Recordings at Dixon Place: Hip Hop Re: Ed Workshop #2  

Fri., Dec 9th  Formal Recordings in Brooklyn:  Hip Hop Re: Ed Workshop #3