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Student Investment Advocate’s (SIA)

The Student Investment Advocate’s (SIA) Program promotes students’ leadership talents by developing their political acumen and advocacy skills.   Within the context of University legislative priorities and issues of concern to CUNY students, SIA provides students with direct and transferable experiences in the political, legislative, and budgetary processes on the city, state and federal levels. SIA is ideal for students who express an interest in having an impact on public policy or wish to participate in the political process. 




Campus Leadership and Service Skills (CLASS)

The Campus Leadership and Service Skills (CLASS) Program will develop students’ leadership potential by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and foundation in leadership necessary to be effective in a variety of settings. CLASS encourages current and potential student leaders to develop the skills to engage in leadership opportunities.  Students will develop an understanding of the components that make leadership successful and develop their own leadership potential through opportunities to build and improve their personal leadership style.



CUNY Corps

The Malave Leadership Academy’s CUNY Corps Program is a leadership through service initiative. We are committed to teaching core leadership values, and to promote community service opportunities that will bring together volunteers and service leaders from across the University.  The core components of the program are based on experiential learning of leadership values from a social change aspect; planning for collaborative service initiatives; project development and volunteer service events.