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Student Conferences

Each year the Malave Leadership Academy, in partnership with the CUNY Council of Student Life Directors, hosts two major CUNY-wide student leadership conferences: the CUNY Emerging Leaders Conference and the CUNY Student Government Conference, best known as the "New Leadership Challenge." Both conferences are highly engaging and interactive, and designed to provide world-class leadership education opportunities for students from across CUNY. Students from all of the CUNY Colleges attend the conferences, and hear from CUNY leaders, local political figures, and national thought leaders.

CUNY Emerging Leaders Conference

The Emerging Leaders Conference is open to all CUNY students who are interested in leadership. Whether you aspire to become a CEO or a community activist, a leading researcher or a political leader, however you see yourself as a leader this conference will provide an excellent opportunity for you to continue your education as a leader.

Each year brings an exhilarating keynote address, networking opportunities, engaging workshops, and access to resources for the next generation of global leaders.  




CUNY Student Government Conference: New Leadership Challenge

The Student Government Conference, better known as the "New Leadership Challenge" is open to all newly elected student government officials. This is an extraordinary opportunity to network, learn and plan together with newly elected peers from all of the CUNY Colleges.

Highlights include remarks from top CUNY leaders, a keynote address from a political leader, networking opportunities, sessions focused on specific student government positions, and workshops designed to promote successful and ethical student governance.