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Application Process

Application Process

NYCRIN Testimonials

"NYCRIN is dedicated to teaching technology entrepreneurship and performing research that advances this endeavor. Its aim is to become a global leader in technology innovation and entrepreneurial business development by leveraging the existing innovation ecosystem in New York City."

Gillian Small, Ph.D., NYCRIN Principal Investigator, City University of New York

"I learned a lot from the I-Corps experience and I feel like my strategies toward my research have also changed. I am grateful for the time [the teaching team] spent reviewing my business canvas and interviews and providing [their] advice."

Omid Dehzangi, EL,
NYCRIN April 2013 Cohort

"The [I-Corps] program, along with the entire 'Teaching Team', was outstanding, even for someone who thinks they know a lot about the world of startups. It was, as they say, a valuable learning experience for me as a Mentor, as well as for our Team."

Tom Harrison, IM, NYCRIN April 2013 Cohort

"Thanks again for a job well done!!!!! Everyone I reached out to the last couple of days had nothing negative to say. At times, PIs, mentors or ELs would approach me on their own and offer ONLY positive comments about both the curriculum and the instructors."

Rathindra (Babu) DasGupta, Program Director, I/UCRC and I-Corps

"I'd like to thank you all for guiding us throughout the customer discovery process."

Maciej Pietrusinski, EL, NYCRIN April 2013 Cohort

"Thank you so much for your constant support and advice in training me towards entrepreneurship. The program was fun and educational at the same time."

Raviprasad Aduri, Ph.D., EL, NYCRIN April 2013 Cohort

"Thank you again for being a critical (literally!) part of the I-Corps program for me. It was a great experience and I learned a lot."

Linda Plano, IM, NYCRIN April 2013 Cohort

NYCRIN I-corps

  1. Form your I-Corps Team
  2. Complete the application
  3. Submit to by 1/15/14
  4. Expect to hear back within approximately 3-5 business days as to the next steps


  1. Form your I-Corps Team
  2. Prepare an Executive Summary
  3. Contact the National Science Foundation
    • I-Corps Program Officers
      • Babu DasGupta
      • Anita La Salle
    • Topic-Specific Program Directors
      • Steve Ellis – BIO
      • Anita La Salle – CISE
      • Don Millard – EHR
      • Babu DasGupta – ENG
      • Raffaella Montelli – GEO
      • Sean Liam Jones – MPS
      • Irene Qualters – CISE/ACI
      • Quinetta Roberson– SBE
  4. NSF will schedule a conference call with your entire team
  5. If the first conference call goes well, a second conference call will be scheduled with the entire team, the National Science Foundation, & members of the I-Corps National Teaching Team
  6. If the second conference call goes well, your team will be invited to submit a proposal


Adapted from the NSF I-Corps site