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In addition to some 20 scientific articles published in the peer-reviewed literature, the 2004 NYC HANES produced a number of tools for use by researchers, including public use data sets with de-identified data so researchers can explore their own research questions, calls for research proposals to use the serologic repository to investigate important public health problems, and a lessons-learned document for jurisdictions considering conducting similar surveys.

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Similar tools will be developed after 2013 NYC HANES is completed. Because there will be data sets for 2004 and 2013, researchers will be able to conduct analyses to assess population-level changes over time using two cross-sectional data sets.

In addition, NYC HANES is a critical element of a larger research project. Since 2005, the Health Department has supported the development of one of the nation's largest electronic health record networks, which covers nearly 2 million patients. Through this network, the Health Department collects aggregated, de-identified data on diabetes, hypertension, smoking-cessation counseling, and other key public health measures. By comparing health estimates from the electronic health record network with "gold standard" data obtained from NYC HANES, researchers will be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of using electronic health records for population health surveillance in New York City.