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How Do I Benefit?

Participation in NYC HANES offers a financial benefit, health benefits and a powerful reason to feel good about yourself.

Financial Benefit:

  • $100 in cash for people who participate in the survey, the physical exam and lab tests.
  • $30 bonus ($130 total) for people who make an appointment do the above at our Manhattan clinic (455 First Ave. between 26th and 27th Streets) instead of at home.

Health Benefits:

  • results of recent lab tests valued at $500
  • referrals to low-cost or free care if you lack health insurance

Feel Good About Yourself

Tell your family, friends and neighbors that you're proud to be part of a study that will improve city life and that no one else but you can do it.

When we did the first NYC HANES in 2004, our research led to some important changes in laws and regulations that continue to improve the health of millions of New Yorkers, including:

  • healthier food in restaurants and supermarkets
  • making parks, beaches and hospital grounds smoke-free
  • improved care for people with diabetes
  • less mercury in fish and cosmetics
  • greater restrictions on the use of pesticides

Please call 1-877-212-7229 to schedule an appointment if you have been selected to participate in NYC HANES.