Is My Participation Confidential?

The CUNY School of Public Health and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will keep your information confidential and secure. We were granted a “Certificate of Confidentiality,” which means that under federal law we cannot be forced to give anybody any information that might identify you to others, even if there is a court order.

NYC HANES did not include questions about immigration status.

The information we collected from all the NYC HANES participants will be combined into a large pool for analysis. No individual New Yorkers will be identified. We will use this data pool only for research and to improve public health programs in New York City.

If you want to tell your relatives, friends, and neighbors that you were part of an important study to help improve the health of New Yorkers, we encourage you to do so. (See How Else Can I Help? )

Please call 1-347-396-4171 if you have questions about NYC HANES.