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Why Me?

We want the results from NYC HANES to represent the health of New York City as a whole. We can't talk to every New Yorker, so we randomly selected some neighborhoods <pdf>. It was like picking names out of a hat.  Then we randomly selected some households in these neighborhoods and have been randomly selecting one or two adults in each.

Scientists call this a random sample, and it means that the nearly 3,000 people chosen for NYC HANES can stand in for, or represent, more than 6 million adult New Yorkers.  If you choose not to participate, NYC HANES won't be as strong at representing the health of NYC residents.  And it would be cheating if we asked your neighbor instead. That's why you can't be replaced.

Please call 1-877-212-7229 to schedule an appointment if you have been selected to participate in NYC HANES.