Curriculum Outline

Public health professionals in the twenty first century will need to understand and work with other disciplines and demonstrate proficiencies in technical, managerial, communications and advocacy skills. To prepare our students for these positions, we have developed an innovative curriculum in which students take public health (PH), community health education (COMHE) and elective coursework. Students have the option to take elective courses in other departments such as urban planning, anthropology, nursing, geography and sociology.

Courses emphasize both the theoretical foundations of public health and its practical application. Public Health faculty have graduate degrees in varied disciplines. In addition to teaching, faculty are actively involved in research and community work, enabling them to to familiarize students with diverse approaches to studying and solving public health problems. Faculty also assist students to develop the writing and computer skills needed for professional achievement.


MPH Core Courses

15 credits

Required for all     specializations

PH 750  Introduction to Biostatistics

PH 752  Introduction to Epidemiology

PH 754  Environmental Health and Safety

PH 755  Urban Health and Society

PH 756  Public Health and Health Care Policy and Management      

Required Specialization   Courses

15 credits

COMHE 750  Community Health Assessment

COMHE 751  Community Health Interventions

COMHE 752  Community Organizing for Health

COMHE 753  Health Program Planning & Funding

COMHE 754  Evaluation & Research for Community Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Elective Courses

9 credits

Three (3) electives chosen in consultation with academic advisor


3 credits

PH 737 Supervised Fieldwork  (180 hours)

Culminating Experience

3 credits

PH 738 Capstone Project (Paper or Master's Essay)


Total Credits R equired for MPH





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