Curriculum Outline

MPH Core Courses

s 15 credits

Required for all specializations

PH 75000  Fundamentals of Biostatistics
(or PH 75100 Principles of Biostatistics)

PH 75200  Fundamentals of Epidemiology
(or PH 75300 Principles of Epidemiology)

PH 75400  Fundamentals of Environmental Health

PH 75500  Fundamentals of Social & Behavioral Health

PH 75600  Fundamentals of Health Policy & Management

Required Specialization Courses

s 27 credits

COMHE 75000 Community Health Assessment

NUTR 71000 Principles of Public Health Nutrition

NUTR 72000 Community Nutrition Education

NUTR 73300 Nutrition and Human Development

PH 72200 Food Politics and Policy

For MPH with Dietetic Internship

For MPH without Dietetic Internship

NUTR 70000 Seminar in Dietetics Practice

NUTR 70100 Pre-Professional Practice in Dietetics – Clinical

NUTR 70200 Pre-Professional Practice in Dietetics – Food Service

NUTR 70300 Pre-Professional Practice in Dietetics – Community

COMHE 75300 Health Program Planning and Funding

Elective Courses

 0* or 6** credits

No Electives Required

Two electives chosen in consultation with academic advisor


 3 credits

No Fieldwork Required

PH 73700 Supervised Fieldwork (180 hours)

Culminating Experience

 3 credits

PH 73800 Capstone Project (Paper or Master's Essay)


Total Credits

required for MPH


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