Community Health - BS

Why are children in East Harlem hospitalized for asthma at twice the rate elsewhere in NYC? How can we assess if gun violence is a health priority for members of our community and ensure their expertise informs local public health efforts? How can social media be leveraged to reduce sexually transmitted infections?

Students in the Community Health program will develop the skills needed to be able to effectively answer these types of public health questions through a social justice lens. Community health professionals work to improve the health and wellbeing of entire communities. While clinical health professionals might treat an elderly diabetic patient, a community health professional will work to understand and reduce a community’s elevated risk for diabetes. At Hunter College, students in the Bachelor of Science program in Community Health will learn to analyze how both social structures (including poverty, racism and

environmental exposures) and behavioral choices shape a community’s health. They will take courses in health disparities, epidemiology, public health biology, and community health assessment to develop their analytic skills and courses in health communications and social media to learn tools for addressing public health problems. Fieldwork experience and a research seminar give students the opportunity to apply what they have learned in a real-world setting on a community health topic of their choosing. This program is designed to prepare students for work in community-based and human rights organizations, family planning clinics, mental health centers, homeless shelters, research centers, media organizations, as well as in city, state and national health departments. This is a competitive, 51-credit major, taken after 60 credits are completed of undergraduate study (see Admission Information).

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