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Fieldwork Waiver Request

The fieldwork experience may be waived without credit for students who are admitted to the CUNY School of Public Health possessing extensive public health experience. Before a waiver is granted, the student must demonstrate "experience in application of basic public health concepts and of specialty knowledge to the solution of community health problems." Public Health knowledge includes the core competencies as well as a population approach to health problems, use of a prevention framework, and collaboration with community partners. The student must also show that their previous experiences relate to specialty knowledge acquired in their specialization track.

Eligible students should discuss the possibilty of a waiver with their Academic Advisor within 1 year of enrollment. The advisor, program director and senior associate dean for academic affairs will determine if the written summary of the student's experiences demonstrates an adequate applied public health experience in the appropriate area of concentration.

The summary should include:

  • Name of the Organization
  • Name, title and contact information of supervisor(s)
  • Dates and approximate number of hours of experience
  • Description of how the experience demonstrates application of the core and specialty public health knowledge. (Refer to the core and specialization cometencies.)

When all parties have signed off, the original form and attachement should be forwarded by the student to the school office for inclusion in the student's academic file. Copies should also be sent to the track advisor, fieldwork faculty member representing the student's program, the school evaluation coordinator. Fieldwork Waiver Request Form <doc>

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