(November 2002)

In designing the website, The City University of New York affirms its commitment to making web-based, electronic content accessible to everyone who uses our site. From the inception of this project, CUNY has striven to acquire portal and website development and presentation technologies consistent with existing standards and guidelines for web accessibility; CUNY is further committed to a strategy of product enhancements that will keep pace with changing technologies, accessibility guidelines, and regulations.

This release of the CUNY website is fully compliant with the following web accessibility standards:

  • Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended
  • World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C WAI) Priority Level One

The CUNY website also meets most of the criteria for W3C Priority Level 2.

The CUNY website is a work in progress and provides links to many accessible and non-accessible CUNY sites. As we continue to advance and enhance the CUNY website, we will work with colleges and others to make content accessible.

These tests have been conducted independently of the CUNY Portal Project by the CUNY Assistive Technology Services (CATS), which serves members of the CUNY community concerned about electronic and information access.

Reports about the accessibility of any aspect of the CUNY website are welcome via e-mail. If your question is directed at a CUNY site that is administered outside of the CUNY website or portal, we will make every effort to forward your question to the appropriate site administrator.

General as well as technical information about making your sites accessible may be obtained from the CUNY Assistive Technology Services. Please call (718) 281-5014.